Trying to create some back links to this site

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Trying to create some back links to this site

Post by Dude » Thu Apr 05, 2018 9:14 pm

I am trying to create some back links to this site so I have been looking around on the internet for places to add a link.

I created a page at WIX this one pretty much does it all for you, and makes a nice looking site, but it's a little tricky to edit what they have done.

trying Hubpages but it's a little complicated and they are picky about what you have to write.

Tried to make a site at tumblr but I can't get it to take my email address and verify my account.

made another account at simplesite it's pretty simple.

and another one at wordpress


Just ran across some older sited I made a long time ago:

2goodhealth - not indexed by google comes from webdesigner124 account

Average Information :: not sure where this account came from, I need to find out where I created this one, it does have pages indexed by google

Test Blog - not indexed, just used for testing out blogger to see how it works.

webmaster blog :: not indexed by google

Google Sites :: not indexed by google

Weebly :: I had two websites created at Weebly, they deleted one of them but the other one is still there, so they are 50/50 better than Microsoft who has deleted every account I have opened with them, but not as good as Google who has never deleted any of my accounts.

4/17/2018 - just opened this account on my cell phone. Google not indexed

4/21/2018 - this site is indexed by google

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Re: Trying to create some back links to this site

Post by Webscout » Fri Apr 06, 2018 8:51 am

I have see a few of these 'back links' sites.

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