[HELP] Ripping my DVDs to XviD?

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[HELP] Ripping my DVDs to XviD?

Post by Draugr » Wed Nov 21, 2007 7:33 pm


I am new to ripping DVDs and I'm currently having a problem. I'm hoping some of the more experienced people here might be able to get me pointed in the right direction.

Here is my question.: What settings do you use to get the best quality DVD rips? I want to begin ripping my DVDs so I can play them on my media center, instead of having to swap DVDs all the time. I am currently using the following software and using the following settings.

Aplus DVD to DivX XviD Ripper v4.38


Save to avi/XviD

Video Size: 720x480 (Is this the best size to use?)
Video Bitrate: 1024 kbps [MAX allowed by Program]
Audio Bitrate: 224 kbps [MAX allowed by program]
Frame Rate: 24 (Is this the best frame rate to use for NTSC?)
Aspect Ratio: 4:3

My DVDs, and TV are NTSC.

Ok, now here is why I'm asking about the best software and settings to rip DVDs....

I have downloaded a few movies from rapidshare and was amazed at how perfect they were. The movies average about 600 or 700Mb and the video is near perfect as is the audio. To me they look and sound perfect.

When I rip one of my DVDs at the above settings to .avi/xvid format and then go to view the movie the quality is not the same as the few movies I downloaded off of rapidshare. The Audio is fine, but the video has small boxes or (pixelation?) on long shots or on dark/black areas of the screen. It seems that close ups are fine, but long shots or mid shots with movement have that blurry, boxed pixels affects. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong, or can anyone recommend a good ripper and prefered settings to rip DVDs?

Oh... Most of my DVDs are standard 4:3 and not wide screen, etc...

Thanks in advance


Gray Ghost
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[HELP] Ripping my DVDs to XviD?

Post by Gray Ghost » Mon Nov 26, 2007 3:52 pm

I would suggest trying what I'm using at present, AutoGordianKnot (AutoGK). You can rip in Xvid or Divx, whatever size you want, and does a very good job. I can't really answer alot of your technical questions about resolution and framerate and such, don't really know that it matters much on an xvid. I usually just set it on xvid, set the size avi I want, usually either 1x700mb or 2x700mb. You can set the size at 720x? if you want but I usually just leave that on auto and it usually makes one about 640x?.

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[HELP] Ripping my DVDs to XviD?

Post by jbgoode » Fri Nov 30, 2007 7:20 am

You can use any of the hundreds of DVD 2 AVI rippers. Choose AVI codec (DivX-Xvid-3vix etc) choose resolution 640x432 for TV or CRT monitor, or 640x512 for WideScreen. You can specify actually any res. that can be divided by 16. Choose the 1st audio channel option from main menu, (usually -stereo-), choose your subtitles, (deselect bold fonts).
Finally do not forget to set the app to rip the Main Movie only.
I personally set the final size to 700mb compression, in order to burn the movie onto 1 single CD.
A few rippers: #1 DVD Ripper, Apollo DVD Ripper, Xilisoft DVD Ripper,A1 DVD Ripper, Magic DVD Ripper. They all have the exact settings menus.
These rippers actually are simple GUIs for the AVI codecs you have already installed on your machine. The true conversion is processed by the codec itself.

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