How To apply Crack or Patch

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How To apply Crack or Patch

Post by Webscout » Wed May 02, 2018 12:37 pm

How To apply Crack or Patch

Many of my friends dont know how to apply crack or patch.So here is a short tutorial for doing that.Generally all cracks are new setup .exe with demo version unlocked and patches are the which are applied on setup .exe.

How to apply:

1) Download the software/application which is cracked.

2)Uncompess it ,if it is .rar or .zip file.

3)View the folder.You will find your software plus a crack/patch folder beside it.If the crack folder has readme or instruction file then read it and crack it as it is mentioned.

4)If you are not able to find any readme their then follow these steps.

5)Install the application first(dont run anything from crack/patch folder).

6)If setup asks for launch application dont do it(some applications do checks web imprints).So unmark that option and finish the installation.

7)Now,go to crack/patch folder and copy the file which is having a logo or written as patch or is same as setup.exe.

8)Paste it in the drive in which program is installed like.

your program is installed in c:\program files\xara\

So trace the path in the folder till you find applications file's and paste the crack patch there.

9)If it replaces some files and asks for replacement then replace it.(it must be crack)

10)Otherwise double click the file which you pasted and click patch!

You are done know and ready to use!!
Yahoo-Best Answers
Best Answer: 1.Install your program but don't launch it.
2."Copy & Paste" the crack/patch items to the programs install directory (Program file) usually located C:/Program Files/ "your program"
3.Launch and enjoy

(Note) Some cracks come with registry patchers that you just have to Dbl click on to install the patch,read the instructions that come with the cracks carefully?

Usually torrents come with instructions in a NFO file get "Damn NFO Reader" to read them!

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