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Posting Permissions

Posted: Thu Apr 05, 2018 5:27 pm
by Dude
I changed the permissions for the chatbox so that the unregistered could post, my thinking was that if someone had trouble with their password or something they could let someone know there and we could help them.
If it gets to be a problem then I can always change it back so that you have to be a member to post there.

The new software has many places where user permissions can be changes, I tried to set the Hero group so that they did not need to be approved to post by an admin, hopefully it worked.

Re: Posting Permissions

Posted: Sat Apr 07, 2018 9:49 pm
by Dude
I think there have been a few posts by the Hero group that did not require moderation by an admin, so it looks like something worked on some of the forums, which is a start.

Editing groups can be a little complicated, but I was able to figure out how to transfer members from one group to another group.
using phpMyAdmin:

Code: Select all

INSERT INTO phpbb_user_group (group_id, user_id, group_leader, user_pending) SELECT X, user_id, 0, 0 FROM phpbb_users WHERE group_id = 2 OR user_id IN(SELECT user_id FROM phpbb_user_group WHERE group_id = 2);
X = the group you want to move members to and
2 = the group registered users are in if you started a new forum and did not transfer them in from another database.

you also need to add your database extension to phpbb
then this will work to add all your registered members to the group X