Author Topic: Create batch files to enable/disable a driver  (Read 2108 times)


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Create batch files to enable/disable a driver
« on: July 08, 2007, 02:02:11 PM »
Heeey guys!

The title of this thread is pretty much self-explanatory, but maybe it will make more sense if i provide more details.

I have an Ethernet driver that is pretty dodgey (it makes the computer hang once the computer starts up, so i literally have 10 seconds to open Device Manager and disable the driver, then 2 minutes later i can safely re-enable it so my internet access is restored)

I've visited the vendors official website and tried to update the driver but had no success. So here's the clever part that i want some help with.

The process of disabling the driver in 10 seconds EVERY TIME i turn the computer on is becoming somewhat of a nuisance. I'm new to the whole idea of 'batch programming' but does anyone know of any commands i can use to enable and disable the driver?

I've located the driver in c:\windows\system32\drivers and the name of it is Rtlnicxp.sys
What I'm looking for is to create two simple batch files[/COLOR]:
1.) Have a batch file (that i can click just before I'm about to shutdown my computer) that will disable the Rtlnicxp.sys driver

2.) Have a batch file (that i can click when my computer starts up) that will re-enable the Rtlnicxp.sys driver.[/COLOR]

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks again.