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Re: To Your Health
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From a friend...

Well, someone has suddenly realize Healthcare is a big issue and cashing in could be quite profitable. You have to balance risk to opportunity, the upside has to be better than the downside to earn a profit, and Healthcare probably is the largest expenditure segment in Society. And, this is all about a humanís quality of life. Well, what does that mean? If youíre sick you want to get better, perhaps at whatever the cost. So, healthcare has a big focus in Society.

This was posted today in the media and shows that Alphabet (Google) is edging into Healthcare and the person that does the homework best and understands the data is ready to proceed towards profit. This can turn out to be quite noble if everyone benefits, the vulnerable here is the patient, all others get paid regardless, either in socialized medicine or commercial for-profit enterprise (US&C).

For educational purposes, Iíve extracted (copy & paste) the CNBC article into a .pdf form for you to read, if you like.

Healthcare is a burgeoning industry (expanding like the Universe) very complex and costly and because of itís nature needs a comprehensive engineering study to be effective for cost and benefit, ROI. If the Universal Patient Record had gone forward in Ontario, we could start mining data towards reengineering and restructuring Healthcare in Ontario, a $53 billion annual enterprise with poor delivery times and quality outcome opportunities (how nice did I say that, this time). Iím a patient (nothing terminal) and Iím not happy.

Thereís a video at the end of the article I think you might find informative on Alphabetís Verily approach. Youíve got to do the homework always!

Hereís the video if you canít activate from the .pdf, itís called "Project Baseline" and is all about data mining,
Code: [Select]
There are a number of data mining opportunities by others. For instance, Apple has a Health app on their iOS devices, monitoring your activity and health, this could be data analysis in real time. I use iHealth in California for blood pressure monitoring, I have a their Bluetooth BP cuff activated by my iPhone, as soon as the reading appears itís transmitted to their server and I can immediately interrogate that data base. This is all effortless the real time monitoring, it can if you pay attention improve or safeguard your health quality of life, prevent premature death. So, the data is there to be used effectively on a personal or large industry scale.