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Humor / Dilbert: Monday-Mar 19, 2018
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Dilbert: Monday-Mar 19, 2018   
The Lounge / Clients go public after Ontario estate lawyer charges...
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Sunday, March 18, 2018
Clients go public after Ontario estate lawyer charges them for complaint against him, so I'm taking fewer demanding clients
 Lynne Butler-Lawyer-East Coast Canada

I've been a lawyer for a long time. A very long time. Most days I absolutely love the job and my clients. I see my role as a guide for those who have to navigate their way through the legal system. I'm neither the boss who tells the client what to do, nor the servant who does everything she is told to do. We work together.

Something I've come to understand over the years is that clients don't always see things the same way I do. This may the first time they've been involved in an estate, but it's not my first time. They have lost a loved one, but I haven't. The family that is fighting isn't my family. Though I may have a great deal of compassion for a client who comes into my office for help, they are emotional and unsure about the legal system and my role.

When I advise a client about what to do, my advice is an amalgam of my knowledge, my experience, their goals, and their circumstances. I try my best to toss in a big, healthy dose of reality to keep the client grounded. Most of the time, the working relationship is great and at the end of the legal proceedings we all part as friends.

Every couple of years, however, I run up against a client who simply does not listen, or takes advice from too many people and ends up confused, or who honestly thinks that I should do everything he or she wants, no matter how ridiculous or pointless or spiteful. These are the clients who are so wrapped up emotionally in the estate that they cannot think rationally. My heart goes out to them, but let's face it, they are difficult clients for me and my staff. No matter how great a job I do for them, they are not going to be happy. They get not only my legal advice, but many extra hours of my time and a shoulder to lean on. You better believe that the constant propping up of distraught people can be tough on me too.

So when I read a story on CBC about a family who made a complaint to the Ontario Bar Association about their estate lawyer, I had mixed feelings. To me, the fact that they called the media to "go public" meant that they were actively searching for a way to hurt the lawyer. They won't get anything out of going public other than bitter satisfaction that they've damaged someone's reputation and business. Creating backlash seems to be an extremely popular activity these days. The prevailing attitude seems to be that if you're unhappy, try to make sure everyone else is too.Click here to read the story.

The article talks about a woman who didn't like how her lawyer handled her father's estate. Her complaint to the Law Society found that the lawyer didn't do anything wrong. That part isn't really unusual, since as I said, many clients don't really understand the legal system and are not sure whether it was used to their full advantage. It was after that finding that it all went off the rails. The lawyer sent the family a bill for responding to the complaint. They were offended and went to the media.

The media inflated the story to make it as sensational as possible. Their headline was "Lawyer charges grieving family thousands for time spent responding to complaint against him". It wasn't just a client involved, never mind a vindictive person; it was a "grieving family". The "thousands" referenced was in reality $2,300.

In this lawyer's shoes, I wouldn't have charged for responding to the complaint because all that did was ramp up emotions that were already out of control. But I can see his point. He would have just sat through the complaint process where people pointed fingers and made accusations even though he had handled the estate properly. I'd be ticked off too, as would anyone in any job who was wrongly accused. All estate lawyers get pretty tired of those few clients who exist in an eternal emotional frenzy and simply cannot be calmed down no matter what you do.

I'm getting smarter about choosing my clients. After putting in this many years, I feel that I'm entitled to pick my clients just as clients pick their lawyers. I am winding down my willingness to invest my time and effort in clients whose emotions and attitudes render them completely unable to think straight. I just don't see the point in dealing with the truly impossible clients anymore, even though they are the ones who possibly need me the most. I can handle difficult clients but I'll no longer work with the completely irrational ones. Otherwise, I'll be the next lawyer whose clients complain that I'm not doing the job. I recently had a client who emailed me 9 times in one day - and got replies - then complained (to me, not to the Law Society) that I was not in close enough touch with her.

At the end of the work day, I want to go home to my family just like everyone else does. Life is too short to spend defending myself from bitterness. If the end result of "going public" is that fewer lawyers will handle your case, so be it.

The Lounge / TV***MONDAY MARCH 19,2018
« Last post by Webscout on March 19, 2018, 08:27:45 AM »

==== US/CA ====
The Alienist - 1x09 - Requiem
American Greed - 12x04 - The Polka King Con
American Idol - 16x04 - Episode 4: Auditions
 8)The Best Thing I Ever Ate - 08x16 - Small Plates, Big Taste
Big Brother (Canada) - 6x06
Booze Traveler - 4x11 - Czech Castles and Cocktails
Caught CA - 1x04 - Like Old Times
Cold Hearted - 01x02 - Twisted Fate
DC's Legends Of Tomorrow - 3x15 - Necromancing the Stone
Evil Talks: Chilling Confessions - 01x02 - The Torture Trap
The Good Doctor - 1x17 - Smile
Good Girls - 1x04 - Atom Bomb
House Hunters International - Bebe in Guanacaste, Costa Rica
iZombie - 4x04 - Brainless in Seattle (2)
Jill & Jessa: Counting On - 6x05 - A New Bundle of Joy
Kevin Can Wait - 2x19 - Delivery Guy
Living Biblically - 1x04 - Honor Thy Father
Love & Hip Hop Miami - 1x12 - Reunion- Part 2
Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta - 7x01 - Let the Games Begin
Lucifer - 3x18 - The Last Heartbreak
Maine Cabin Masters - 2x15 - A Family Cabin Fit For A King
Man with a Plan - 2x14 - March Madness
Murdoch Mysteries - 11x18 - Free Falling
The Resident - 1x08 - Family Affair
Scorpion - 4x19 - Gator Done
Spring Baking Championship - 4x02 - Blooming Delicious
State Plate - North Carolina
Summer House - 2x09 - Summer Should Be Fun
Superior Donuts - 2x15 - The Chicago Way
UnREAL -3x04 - Confront
Vanderpump Rules - 6x15 - Nothing Here For Me
 8)Vanity Fair Confidential - 04x07 Murder Most Obsessive
The Voice - 14x07 - The Battles Premiere

==== UK/IE ====
24 Hours in Police Custody - 6x05 - Frequent Flyers
Action Team - 1x04 - Taken
Armed and Deadly: Police UK - 01x01,02
Art of Spain - 01x02 - the Dark Heart
Bargain Hunt - 49x16 - Builth 8
The Chase UK - 11x152
 8)Classic Mary Berry - 01x04
Dara O Briain's Go 8 Bit - 3x06 - Anna Richardson Vs. Nish Kumar
Dispatches - 2018x09 - The Truth About Your Pay
Eggheads - 19x85
Food Unwrapped - 13x06 - Chocolate, Bedtime Teas, Edam Cheese
The Funeral Murders - BBC 2 Documentary
Holding Back the Years - 02x06
imagine... - 33x04 - Andrew Lloyd Webber: Memories
James Nesbitt: Disasters That Changed Britain - 01x01 - History Channel
The Kyle Files - 04x03
Made In Chelsea - 15x02
 8)Marcella - 2x05
Masterchef (UK) - 14x10
Money for Nothing - 04x16
Only Connect - 13x31 - Vikings v Inquisitors
Panic at 30,000 Feet: Airline Emergency - 01x01 - Ch5
Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams - 1x10 - Kill All Others
Red Rock IE - 04x09
The Repair Shop - 02x06
The Sheriffs Are Coming - 7x06
Star Boot Sale - 01x01 - Ch4
Tipping Point - 08x46
This Country - 2x04
University Challenge - 47x32
Winter Road Rescue - 5x04 - Ice Terror

==== AU/NZ ====
Australian Story - 23x07 - Channelling Mr WooČ
The Chase AU
Family Feud AU
Four Corners (1961) - 2018x07 - Working with Weinstein
Home and Away
Married at First Sight (AU) - 5x30
My Kitchen Rules - 9x32 - Romantic Dinner Challenge (Group 1)
Travel Guides - 2x07 - Sri Lanka
The Lounge / Cancelled Shows For January 2018-February 8th 2018
« Last post by Webscout on March 19, 2018, 08:24:13 AM »
Cancelled Shows For January 2018-February 8th 2018

January 2018:
1. Shut Eye on Hulu
2. Damnation on USA
3. I Love Dick on Amazon
4. One Mississippi on Amazon
5. The Shannara Chronicles on Parmount after season 2
6. Lady Dynamite on Netflix
7. Jean-Claude Van Johnson on Amazon
8. The Fosters after season 5 on ABC
9. Game of Thrones on HBO after season 8
10. The Mayor on ABC
11. Chance on HULU

February 1-8th, 2018:
1. Once Upon a Time on ABC after season 7
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Dear Diary, packed for the cruise ship -- all my nicest dresses, swimsuits,
short sets. Really, really exciting. Our local Red Hat chapter - The Late
Bloomers decided on this "all-girls" trip. It will be my first one - and I
can't wait!

------------------------------ --------


Entire day at sea, beautiful. Saw whales and dolphins. Met the Captain
today -- seems like a very nice man.

------------------------------ -----------


At the pool today. Did some shuffleboard, hit golf balls off the deck. The
Captain invited me to join him at his table for dinner. Felt honoured and
had a wonderful time. He is very attractive and attentive..

------------------------------ -----------


Won $800.00 in the ship's casino. The Captain asked me to have dinner with
him in his own cabin. Had a scrumptious meal complete with caviar and
champagne. He asked me to stay the night, but I declined. Told him I could
not be unfaithful to my boyfriend.

------------------------------ -----------


Pool again today. Got sunburned, and I went inside to drink at piano-bar,
stayed there for rest of day. The Captain saw me, bought me several large
drinks. Really is quite charming. Again asked me to visit his cabin for the
night. Again I declined. He told me, if I did not let him have his way with
me, he would sink the ship... I was shocked.

------------------------------ ----------


Today I saved 2600 lives.

The Lounge / TV***SUNDAY MARCH 18, 2018
« Last post by Webscout on March 18, 2018, 06:51:09 AM »

==== US/CA ====
60 Minutes (US) - 50x26 - Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia
American Dynasties: The Kennedys - 1x02 - The Path to Power
American Idol - 16x03 - Episode 3: Auditions
The Arrangement (2016) - 2x02 - Surface Tension
Ash vs. Evil Dead - 3x04 - Unfinished Business
Autopsy: The Last Hours of... - 7x06 - Andy Kaufman
Bar Rescue - 6x02 - Close, But No Cigar
Barefoot Contessa - 26x02 - Make-Ahead Breakfast
Barnwood Builders - 6x07 - Thin-Skinned
Brooklyn Nine-Nine - 5x12 - Safe House Forum
Bryan Inc. - 2x10 - Away Game
The Chi - 1x10 - Ease on down the Road
Comic Book Men - 7x10 - Troma-tized Forum
Counterpart - 1x09 - No Man's Land, Part One
Death Row Stories - 03x01 - Two Brothers
Deception (2017) - 1x02 - Forced Perspective
Dr. K's Exotic Animal ER - 5x01 - Two Heads are Better than One
 8)Evil Lives Here - 3x11 - Put On A Happy Face
Genius Junior - 1x01 - These Kids Know Something You Don't Know
 8)The Good Fight - 2x03 - Day 422
Guy's Grocery Games - 17x06 - Weeknight Wonders
Hailey Dean Mystery - 2+2 = 4 Murders
Heartland (CA) - 11x16 - A Place to Call Home
Here and Now - 1x06 - Fight, Death
 8)Homeland - 7x06 - Species Jump
The Incredible Dr. Pol - 12x10 - Calf Out Loud
 :oInstinct - 1x01 - Pilot
Kingpin (2018) - 1x02 - El Chapo
The Last Man on Earth - 4x11 - Hamilton/Berg
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver - 05x05
Little Big Shots - 3x01,02 - Third Time's a Charm & We're In La La Land
Lone Star Law - 3x10 - Poachers and Liars
Madam Secretary - 4x14 - Refuge
Mike Tyson Mysteries - 3x13 - Thy Neighbor's Life
Naked And Afraid - 9x02 - A Screw Loose
The Nature of Things CA - 57x14 - The Science of Magic
NCIS: Los Angeles - 9x15 - Liabilities
North Woods Law - 10x10 - Over The Edge
 8)On The Case With Paula Zahn - 16x14 - A Lifetime of Questions
The Real Housewives of Atlanta - 10x16 - Driving Miss Kim
The Royals - 4x02 - Confess Yourself To Heaven
Secrets of the Lost - 1x04 - Curse of the Templars
Sister Wives - 9x19 - Confronting Meri
Talking Dead - 7x12 - The Key
Three Wives, One Husband - 01x02 - Baby Makes 12
Timeless - 2x02 - The Darlington 500
To Rome for Love - 1x09 - Where Do We Go From Here?
Unearthed - 03x05 - Relics of Blood
The Walking Dead - 8x12 - The Key
When Calls the Heart - 5x05 - My Heart Is Yours
Wicked Tuna - 7x02 - Fish or Famine

==== UK/IE ====
Dancing with the Stars (IE) - 02x11
The Durrells - 3x01
Escape to the Chateau - 4x01 - Weddings, Stables & Staircases
The Good Karma Hospital - 02x01
Hold the Sunset - 1x05 - Roger the Carer
Ibiza Weekender - 07x10
Sport Relief - 2018x01 - Paddy Mcguinness' Sport Relief Warm Up
Top Gear - 25x04
Top Gear : Extra Gear - 03x04

==== AU/NZ ====
60 Minutes
Crimes That Shook Australia - 3x05 - Anu Singh
Family Feud AU
Married at First Sight (AU) - 05x29
My Kitchen Rules - 9x31 - Elimination House (Group Challenge 4)
All star Family Feud AU 4x01
The Graphics Hut / Re: How to resize a picture on this forum
« Last post by Webscout on March 17, 2018, 02:17:47 PM »
...good to know.

I post images from TNY (The New Yorker) and they show as 800 in the link. I am able to change that to 600 or other
Not all image links work this way so your method will help with those.
The Lounge / TV***LISTINGS
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==== US/CA ====
Buyers Bootcamp - 01x03 - Builder Basic vs. Backwards Bungalow
A Crime to Remember - 05x05 - Beast With A Badge
The Dead Files - 9x07 - Lullaby For The Dead - Briceville, Tennessee
First Time Flippers - 7x09 - Flip-cation
Hallmark Spring Fling - The Sweetest Heart
Hear Me, Love Me, See Me - 01x03 - Dating From the Inside Out
The Incredible D. Pol - 12x09 - The Fourth of Pol-ly
Iyanla, Fix My Life - 8x04 - Crack Addiction, Abandonment, 7 Broken Brothers Pt. 2
The Kitchen - 16x08 - Weeknight Wonders
Live PD
The Pioneer Woman - 18x07 - Kansas Cookin'
Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue - 1x03 - Fowl Play
Saturday Night Live - 43x16 - Bill Hader/Arcade Fire
Say Yes to the Dress - 16x10 - Did I Hear Someone Say $16,000?
Trisha's Southern Kitchen - 11x10 - Sharpen Up!
The Zoo (2017) - 2x02 - The Tiger's Dance

==== UK/IE ====
Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway - 15x04
Britain at Low Tide - 02x04 - The Severn
Casualty - 32x28
David Attenborough's Natural Curiosities - 04x04 - Curious Counters
Hugh's Wild West - 01x11
Pointless Celebrities - 10x44 - Special 4
Saturday Kitchen - Matt Tebbutt, Ian Orr, Jose Pizarro, Amanda Redman
Saturday Morning with James Martin - 01x29 - Sean Wilson, Tony Tobin
Troy: Fall of a City - 1x05 - Hunted
The Voice (UK) - 7x11 - Live Knockouts 1
The Lounge / Re: Tv:*** FRIDAY MARCH 16, 2018
« Last post by Webscout on March 16, 2018, 12:31:06 PM »

==== US/CA ====
All In with Chris Hayes
America's Wild Frontier - 01x03 - Secret Life of A Farm
Blindspot - 3x15 - Deductions
Bridezillas - Virgin Zilla & Pageant Zilla
Bring It! - 5x03 - Let's Talk About Texts, Baby
Cake Hunters - 3x11 - Social Media Cake Challenge
Dateline Secrets Uncovered - 2x05 - The Interrogation
Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives - 28xSpecial - West Coast Cookin'
Dynasty - 1x15 - Our Turn Now
Gold Rush - 8xSpecial - American Dreamer
High Maintenance (2016) - 2x09 - #goalz
House Hunters International - Dreaming in Donegal
Jane The Virgin - 4x13 - Chapter Seventy-Seven
Live PD
Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars - 10x02 - Family Edition: Snake in the Grass
Married to Medicine - 5x17 - Reunion Part 2
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - 5x13 - Principia Forum
MasterChef Junior - 6x04 - American Classics
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - 5x11 - All the Comforts of Home
My Lottery Dream Home - 3x20 - Milk Money
Mysteries & Scandals - Young, Famous and Criminal
On My Block - 1x01-10 - Netflix
Once Upon a Time - 7x13 - Knightfall
The Paynes - 1x11 - Making Repairs
The Rachel Maddow Show
Real Time With Bill Maher - 16x08
Relative Success with Tabatha - 1x07 - Getting Real-Estate
The Secret Life of Kids - 01x01,02 - First Day of School & Love And Rejection - USA Network
Taken (2017) - 2x07 - Invitation Only
Texas Flip n Move - 08x02 - Modern vs. Creole Cottage
Wild Wild Country - 01x01-06 - Netflix
Winter Break: Hunter Mountain - 1x02 - How Jill Got Her Groove Back

==== UK/IE ====
Bargain Hunt - 49x15 - Southwell 4
The Chase (2009) - 11x151
Coast and Country Auctions - 01x10 - Spalding 2
Eggheads - 19x84
The Gadget Show - 29x02
Gardeners' World - 51x02
Gogglebox - 11x04
Jamestown - 2x07
Jane McDonald & Friends - 01x02
The Last Leg with Adam Hills - 13x09 - Claudia Winkleman
Lip Sync Battle UK - 03x01 - Robert Webb v Sally Philips - Ch5
Masterchef (UK) - 14x09
Mastermind - 2018x30
Pilgrimage: The Road to Santiago - 01x01
The Repair Shop - 02x05
Room 101 - 07x07 - Bill Bailey, Alice Levine, Una Stubbs
The Sheriffs Are Coming - 07x05
The Yorkshire Steam Railway: All Aboard - 01x03

==== AU/NZ ====
Better Homes and Gardens - 24x07
Family Feud AU
Gardening Australia - 29x08
Harrow - 01x02 - Ex Animo
Humor / Dilbert: Friday-Mar 16, 2018
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Dilbert: Friday-Mar 16, 2018   
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