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@ Webscout « Wed 4:24 pm »
John Bogle, Vanguard founder who pioneered low-cost investing, dies at 89
@ Webscout « Wed 6:57 am »
@ Hobbyist « Wed 4:58 am »
Brrrr.. -25 this morning (-13F).. it could be worse but we’ve been spoiled so far this winter
@ Webscout « Tue 11:58 am »
Https:// ... rexit-deal --- a crushing defeat, 432 against, 202 for.
@ Webscout « Tue 11:01 am »
Strange story. The guy was in prison and they reopened his case??. The guy it appears is no saint and deserves jail time for sure but EXCUTION? China is hitting back at Canada re the Wawee matter. ... -china-is/
@ Dude « Tue 9:28 am »
China has the death penalty for a lot of stuff, but the sentenced person must agree that it is the right thing to do, not sure if that applies to foreigners or not?
@ Webscout « Tue 8:21 am »
Coffee Break- Today is National Hat Day, what is your favourite type of winter hat? Toque Toque with pom pom Beanie Bomber hat Cossack Other None of the above ... at/122509/
@ Webscout « Tue 7:00 am »
A Canadian citizen in China has been sentenced to death after a court convicted him of drug smuggling on Monday...strange case that resurfaces??
@ Hobbyist « Mon 6:55 pm »
Probably Poutin told him to send his comrades back to the motherland since he reports directly to him now and spies listening in aren't required
@ Webscout « Mon 8:20 am »
As seen (food site)...My dad was remarried when I was 13 years old. One of the only things I care to remember, is her chewy chocolate sauce. She also made a mean Split Pea Soup. That is about all the good I can say about her… okay then. :)
@ Webscout « Mon 8:03 am »
It’s complicated :D
@ Dude « Mon 7:07 am »
if Trump is a Russian asset then how come he can’t get along with them at all, and why is he closing the Russian embassies and kicking them out of the country?
@ Mrs Legolas « Mon 4:17 am »
yes they do sting other bees
@ Dude « Sun 10:27 pm »
I am guessing that bees don’t sting other bees.
@ Webscout « Sun 3:03 pm »
@ Webscout « Sun 7:58 am »
Coffee Break- Do bees sting other bees? Yes No ... es/122368/
@ Webscout « Sun 7:02 am »
Recently came across this in Black Current Jam..a fave of mine.. Fair Trade Organic Cane Sugar is made from certified organic sugar cane grown in South America. The cane juice, rich in molasses, vitamins and minerals, is squeezed from fresh sugar cane, evaporated and crystallized.
@ Webscout « Sun 6:54 am »
Lemons...who needs lemons? I don’t always have access to lemons so I use this ... eml_rv0_dp.
@ Webscout « Sun 6:40 am »
Many years ago women would use Vanilla like purrrfume. Perhaps they used the real stuff. Men might say something goofy stupid like "you smell so good, I could eat you" If the guy was a Zombie, he probably would :D
@ Hobbyist « Sun 6:35 am »
I stopped drinking vanilla entirely.. Its a myth that Lysol makes you go blind.. well at least not right away
@ Webscout « Sun 6:24 am »
Lately, I have being using Artificial Vanilla. The real stuff is too expensive. In most bakings most people cannot tell the difference. My palate is not that sophisticated..
@ Hobbyist « Sun 6:20 am »
I am working on an Artificial Stupidity project atm. I am modeling my Ex’s neural networks to see if I can come up with a machine that makes the _wrong_ choice every damn time (like she seems to do completely effortlessly)
@ Webscout « Sun 6:12 am »
AI is soooo, shall I say ...Artificial. It diminishes the human condition..the human spirit. :D It slowly turns you into a Robot.
@ Dude « Sat 11:35 pm »
I feel like I am the only one not working on AI.
@ Webscout « Sat 10:41 am »
CES 2019: Netflix working on AI to crack down on illegal account sharing ... TREf2961de
@ Webscout « Sat 10:23 am »
Trump is onto to something..but is he also taking somthing?
@ Webscout « Sat 10:22 am »
Perhaps not at this time..but give it time.
@ Dude « Sat 9:42 am »
I am not sure cars like Buick and Cadilliac count as Chinese cars???
@ Webscout « Fri 1:12 pm »
Software? We have some of the best
@ Webscout « Fri 12:05 pm »
NETFLIX INC337.66+40.09 (13.47%) PAST FIVE DAYS
@ Webscout « Fri 10:48 am »
@ Webscout « Fri 10:46 am »
Investors question Amazon’s future after Bezos announces divorce (poor Jeff) ... s-divorce/
@ Dude « Fri 10:04 am »
Does China even make their own car?
@ Dude « Fri 10:03 am »
Jeff Bezos getting divorced? how much is he wife going to end up getting?
@ Webscout « Fri 7:25 am »
“The future of Volkswagen will be decided in the Chinese market,” China “will become one of the automotive powerhouses in the world.” Herbert Diess, chief executive of VW
@ Webscout « Thu 1:56 pm »
Software? We have some of the best
@ Webscout « Thu 8:18 am »
Chinese ambassador to Canada, accuses Canada of “Western egotism and white supremacy” *** AND I thought Canadians were so nice.
@ Webscout « Wed 11:56 am »
Jeff Bezos the 137 Billion $ Amazon dude is getting divorced.
@ Webscout « Wed 7:15 am »
The number of electric vehicle sales is expected to rise to 64 million annualy in 2040, from basically zero in 2016. For reference global total vehicle sales totaled 83 million in 2016 (latest available number). ***Where does the power come from to charge batteries?
@ Webscout « Wed 7:10 am »
Asylum seeker suffers frostbite crossing border as feds’ U.S. campaign discourages irregular migration ... -1.4480884
@ Hobbyist « Wed 4:36 am »
Apparently they are echoing an ABC story ... d=60252611
@ Hobbyist « Wed 4:33 am »
Fox news reporting Rosenstein will be leaving in the next couple of weeks.. Nothing on CNN or MSNBC that I can see. Indictments before then?
@ Hobbyist « Tue 5:28 pm »
Last winter was a tough winter for the imigrants coming into manitoba ... -1.4480884
@ Webscout « Tue 1:38 pm »
“Chocolate is a perfect food, as wholesome as it is delicious, a beneficent restorer of exhausted is the best friend of those engaged in literary pursuits.” ― Justus von Liebig
@ Webscout « Tue 7:19 am »
Bill Monroe and The Bluegrass Boys - I’m Working On A Building (but change to Wall-ing)...
@ Webscout « Tue 7:16 am »
I would also be concerned about illegals and terrorists from Canada, eh? I am also concerned about illegals (terrorists?) crossing from the US to Canada. National Security, wazup?
@ Hobbyist « Tue 5:07 am »
Trump goes on TV tonight to lie that terrorists are coming across the southern U.S. border. The "real news" networks have fact checked this in advance. Zero suspected terrorists have been caught trying to cross in 2018.. (The same number entering from the moon and the sun!) The bullshit continues and there are still morons prepared to believe him
@ Hobbyist « Mon 5:36 pm »
How could I possibly be ready for bed at 7:30 at night.. that’s pathetic
@ Mrs Legolas « Mon 9:09 am »
Pour you :-D
@ Dude « Mon 9:05 am »
isn’t that what happens to everyone?
@ Webscout « Mon 6:43 am »
Now ..why would anyone do THAT?
@ Hobbyist « Mon 4:59 am »
And life’s a bitch and then you marry one
@ Webscout « Sun 8:32 am » is made up of a series of ruts of ones own choosing and some NOT of one's own choosing. Life is hard then you die..:D
@ Webscout « Sun 8:30 am »
Coffee Break: What flavour can cats NOT taste? Bitter Sweet Sour Salty ... te/120970/
@ Hobbyist « Sat 5:39 pm »
I thought it was called slipping back into the rut again starting Jan 2
@ Hobbyist « Sat 5:38 pm »
Wow.. and you're not bright red anymore.. welcome back

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