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@ Webscout « Sat 3:49 pm »
For Saturday’s Software viewforum.php?f=68
@ Webscout « Sat 3:44 pm » can buy some delicious apples..
@ Dude « Sat 1:41 pm »
my $29 phone works just fine for me. then I can buy something else with the money I save from not buying an apple phone.
@ jambomiga « Sat 1:29 pm »
VOCORD Videoexpert ***EDITOR-YOU might have a better chance in the request forum.
@ Hobbyist « Sat 12:59 pm »
oops.. that "auto response" drop down is a setting in my profile (see ajax chat tab).. I’m all good again
@ Hobbyist « Sat 12:49 pm »
When did we turn off the "auto response" drop down in the chat input box?? We are back to the bad old days where if I forget to hit refresh before I hit submit I loose my typing for sure (not just if I cant remember the first word or two I started with)
@ Webscout « Sat 8:57 am »
I would like one day of the month to be a ’no buy anything day’. What day would that be?
@ johnisasmith « Sat 8:47 am »
Are Apple customers actually getting a bit smarter? :D
@ johnisasmith « Sat 8:46 am »
Webscout wrote: Apple customers have apparently decided they don’t actually need a new $1,500 iPhone when their three-month-old $1,300 iPhone still works fine. AAPL - Nasdaq, US$193.53, down 5.35%
@ Mrs Legolas « Sat 7:51 am »
Not sure. We will see how he is doing ;-D
@ Webscout « Sat 6:45 am »
We don’t need no stinkin’ $1,500 iPhone :D
@ Webscout « Sat 6:44 am »
Apple customers have apparently decided they don’t actually need a new $1,500 iPhone when their three-month-old $1,300 iPhone still works fine. AAPL - Nasdaq, US$193.53, down 5.35%
@ Webscout « Sat 4:42 am »
The mesage box is small so be sure to delete most of it.
@ Webscout « Sat 4:39 am »
Is Dude qualified to answer your Q’s re PMS? :D
@ Mrs Legolas « Sat 12:23 am »
@dude... Can you tell me why i got problems with my PMs?
@ Hobbyist « Fri 4:13 pm »
I don’t see the number "2" beside "Private Messages" any more so, since I have never seen your PM(s) in there, and I still don’t see them now, I have no idea if there is something from you in (/pending delivery to?) my inbox or not.
@ Hobbyist « Fri 4:10 pm »
I see Image

then Image when I click on it
@ Webscout « Fri 1:03 pm »
Friday-Check out today’s Software Posts...viewforum.php?f=68&sid=d6b107ff0167898dccdd85b0c9ca7110
@ Webscout « Fri 9:03 am »
BlackBerry Ltd. has agreed to buy Cylance Inc., a California cybersecurity company that uses artificial-intelligence technology to predict and potentially prevent cyberattacks, for US$1.4-billion in cash.
@ Mrs Legolas « Fri 7:23 am »
@hobbyist - thats weird. so you cant read it.
@ Webscout « Fri 7:11 am »
Just came across this site
@ Hobbyist « Thu 6:54 pm »
So Muller asking for a 10 day extension in sentencing proceedings.. Apparently trump has postponed/cancelled multiple events this week to spend many hours with his Russia lawyers.. If I were a betting man I’d say there will be indictments by Friday next week
@ Hobbyist « Thu 6:43 pm »
I see the number 2 beside "private messages" in the board title area but when I click it I see only old pms from other people. I see a 1 by "Notifications" up there and when I click that I see a menu that includes "PM from Mrs Legolas". When I click that I get "You are not authorised to read private messages that are on hold."
@ Webscout « Thu 11:52 am »
Thursday-Check out today’s Software Posts....viewforum.php?f=68
@ Webscout « Thu 11:29 am »
@ Webscout « Thu 10:45 am »
OBIT: Roy Clark, the popular country music singer-guitarist who co-hosted the long-running sketch/variety series Hee Haw with Buck Owens, died today of pneumonia complications at his home in Tulsa, OK. He was 85
@ Webscout « Thu 6:19 am »
Survivor.S37E08-- Nov 14/18***POSTED
@ Mrs Legolas « Wed 5:54 pm »
Hobbyist did you get my pm?
@ Mrs Legolas « Wed 5:43 pm »
Are the pms broken?
@ Dude « Wed 4:47 pm »
Webscout wrote: Dude what happened to the slugs below?
not sure what you mean.
@ Webscout « Wed 12:14 pm »
Levi Strauss & Co, the 145-year-old company that made the first pair of blue jeans, is planning an initial public offering, CNBC reported on Wednesday, citing sources familiar with the matter.
@ Webscout « Tue 10:41 am »
Toronto left on sidelines as Amazon splits HQ2 between New York and Virginia. ***CANADIANS...STOP buying from Amazon :D
@ Webscout « Tue 6:08 am »
Hobby..not exactly bright red...more like a browny-rust-red. It matches @Webscout colour
@ Hobbyist « Mon 4:11 pm »
I don’t have a problem with you having your own colour webster, but bright red? I'd perfer all caps : -)
@ Webscout « Mon 1:58 pm »
Bye-bye Beetle: Volkswagen is winding up production of the iconic Bug. ***MY first B-Hickle ... conic-bug/
@ Webscout « Mon 1:30 pm »
Dude what happened to the slugs below?
@ Webscout « Mon 1:30 pm »
Dude wrote: it has a prune function that I have never used.
I use it some times when in need :D
@ Webscout « Mon 1:28 pm »
DowWow-DOW 25,387.18 -602.12 (-2.32%)
@ Dude « Mon 1:17 pm »
just kidding, my guess is that it might have had too many total messages, and that may have made it crash, it has a prune function that I have never used.
@ Dude « Mon 11:58 am »
Hobby, I was pretty sure it was all your fault, I was just trying to be polite and I wasn’t going to say anything. :D
@ Webscout « Mon 11:33 am »
OBIT:Stan Lee, Marvel Comics’ Real-Life Superhero, Dies at 95-(Lee’s estate is estimated to be worth as much as $70 million.)*** I thought it would be more.
@ Webscout « Mon 11:12 am »
Dow falls over 400 points as Apple drops :oo:
@ Mrs Legolas « Mon 8:43 am »
has started a new topic: Rec Room history
@ Webscout « Mon 5:56 am »
@ Webscout « Mon 5:36 am »
I bet Dude is exhausted after working at the crash site ... :oh:
@ Webscout « Mon 5:33 am »
Also a new chat center ..see slugs above or below ie smilies
@ Hobbyist « Mon 5:18 am »
I posted a link in the chat box right as the site crashed.. I hit enter and poof.. site went bye bye.. Did I Do That??
@ Dude « Sun 11:08 pm »
so far so good.

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