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Coffee Break-- Nearly 50% of the residents in this Canadian city rated their happiness level between a 9 and 10 - where is the happiest city in Canada? Hamilton, ON Moncton, NB Surrey, BC Calgary, AB Sudbury, ON Charlottetown, PEI
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Coffee Break-- Some people claim their joints hurt when it’s going to rain - do you think this is real, or are they just imagining it? I think it’s real Fake, all in your imagination This happens to me, it’s real! https://www.theweathernetwork.com/poll/ ... it/110488/
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Will your cannabis credit card purchases be visible to U.S. border officials? (Some might, some won’t.) https://globalnews.ca/news/4461315/will ... some-wont/
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Twitter notifies users of bug that may have sent some direct messages to unauthorized developers
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lol.. Rachel Madow is talking about Kaveaugh being open to felony attempted rape charges for ever because there is no statute of limitations preventing Ford from launching a criminal complaint.. ever
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Valentino Dixon “For Valentino Dixon, a wrong righted: With an investigation Golf Digest helped open, an Erie County court vacated Dixon’s murder conviction after he had already served 27 years in jail” – Golf Digest https://www.golfdigest.com/story/for-va ... -in-prison
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Coffee Break-- Which planet was named after the Roman god of war? Mercury Venus Saturn Mars Jupiter Earth
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